African diaspora in puerto rico

slavery in puerto rico

African slaves were bought to Puerto Rico starting in the 1500s. First the Spanish people try to use the people already in Puerto Rico then they were replaced by Africans (Calzada). This shows the Spanish needed more slaves. In 1530 there were 200 slaves that were in Puerto Rico. Between 1530 and 1533 there were 1,500 slaves brought to Puerto Rico (Calzada).This shows that Puerto Rico getting more slaves between the years 1530 and 1533.


african culture in puerto rico 

African music is still present in Puerto Rico. Bomba and Plena comes from Africa and Africans used it to escape and avoid problems and to communicate with others
(push black).This proves that this is important because the people in Puerto Rico are not recognizing that the music they have pride in comes from Africa.Puerto Rico still has racism to this day. For example  hurricane maria showed racism because Donald Trump response to it did not do enough. Another example how it showed racism is white and wealthy received more stuff to help them then the blacks (push black).Even though slavery stopped along time ago racism still exist .This harmful because people need to stop racism.

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